Who am I?

Kyle B. Navratil

Educator, architect of thought, and follower of Jesus. I’m a simple man with complex juxtapositions and even more abstract hopes, one of which is that some good will come to you from my work.


I believe in the totality of the human experience, and while I am often willing to philosophize about the taxonomy of εμπειρία, I find that these categories—soul, body, and mind—are helpful to guide the intention of my work, which is to catalogue the principles of human well-being across these three dimensions. Consider this a public commonplace book of my personal meditations.

Words about Words

I am a linguist by affection, for I find beauty in the constriction of thought to prescribed speech patterns. The creative ability to generate new words with new sense—that is amazing. Many words have an old sense, and one that should be know, but for the sake of perspicuity I will give my non-coextensive definitions below.

Soul: The indivisible essence of man, the form and pattern of the body (matter). Not an object to be weighed, nor reducible to brain phenomena.

Body: As St. Francis called the body, “brother ass.” It is neither to be spurned as the prison of the soul, nor to be exalted to the status of God who created it.

Mind: That feature of the Soul and Body that defines man. To abstract and comprehend, contemplate and judge, and then to reason. The organ upon which the natural health of every man and woman ultimately depends—a sound mind.

Don’t listen to me.

I mean it, don’t. I only want your attention. And I do mean that technically. Every time I speak, or anyone does for that matter, they merely want you to dump those mental resources into them and attend to the form, the content, and the rhetorical punch of every sentence and word deliberately jawing from…